ANIMA! – Breathe


South Africa is quickly becoming one of the best emerging “indie” music scenes in the world. A bold statement maybe, but after Die Antwoord kicked down the door, they’ve been followed up by some of the most flavourful and unique musical acts around. John Wizard blew up onto the scene largely thanks to some Pitchfork hype and Al Bairre have begun to really start to make a name for themselves not only in Africa but around the world. It’s also worth checking out what Red Bull Studios Cape Town has been up to.

Today I’d like to introduce you to a half South African and half American electro pop duo that go by the name ANIMA! (not to be confused with another South African chillstep artist that goes by the name ANIMA (sans exclamation point!)). They seem to be flying pretty under the radar at this point, but their first EP is excellent and they’re working on more tunes, so we’ll see what the future holds for them. Here’s “Breathe” from their debut Be Here Now EP

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